About Us

DNX Design Sp. z o.o. is a dynamic design company that has been operating in the industry for nearly 10 years. Our company specializes in graphic design, brand image creation, and innovative solutions for our clients. We engage in activities such as graphic design, visual identity, marketing strategy, packaging design, 3D visualization, and DTP (Desktop Publishing).

What does DNX Design mean?

We are the answer to your questions!

What do we need? – Your DESIRE
How do we work? – NAVIGATE your success
What do you get? – XL satisfaction

We will meet your expectations and needs and we will make sure you receive a design as satisfactory as possible. DNX signifies our unconventional approach to design. This motto is a call to action, an invitation to initiate the creative process with a team that enjoys challenges and unconventional projects. It pertains to the necessity of generating new, original ideas focused on your success, ideas that go beyond conventional norms and predetermined expectations – hence XL, our favorite form of work’s outcome. It’s about transcending boundaries and daring experimentation, leading to the creation of innovative design solutions.

Our Team

Your vision – our plan. Step by step, we navigate your ideas to their destination: success. Together, we’ll create a plan, a strategy, examine your customers and competition, and develop all the tools for effective actions – that’s how DNX design professionals operate.

Our graphic team consists of talented and experienced designers who relish challenges and continuously seek unconventional ways to express their creativity. Every graphic project realized by our team is a work of art that combines knowledge, skills, and a passion for design.

To ensure you receive comprehensive service, we work closely with our team of project managers. They are responsible for overseeing the entirety of the project, ensuring the timeline, budget, and communication between the graphic team, you, and any potential suppliers are on point