Our projects

Photo - Cannavitis

Designing the logo and graphic identity for Cannavitis was a unique challenge, requiring an understanding of the company’s innovative approach to cannabis products. The design had to reflect the innovation, quality, and trust that are essential to the brand.

Photo - Max&Mrau

For the Max&Mrau brand, we created the logo for the Dr. Huggy product line and the entire packaging design. The design had to be attractive, while at the same time expressing the professionalism and care that are crucial to the brand.

Photo - Koleje Śląskie
Koleje Śląskie

Collaborating with Koleje Śląskie to create a logo for the “Miód Kolejarski” brand and the graphic design of the packaging was a unique task. The logo had to capture the spirit of the region and the tradition of the railways, as well as the passion that initiated this venture.

Photo - PGF

Designing packaging for PGF’s own brand – Medicinae – is a task that requires an understanding of product specifics and the market. The goal is to create packages that are not only visually appealing but also functional and consistent with the brand’s values.

Photo - IMA Sushi
IMA Sushi

For IMA Sushi, the design of the logo and visual identity had to reflect both modernity and the deep tradition of Japanese cuisine. A careful combination of classic and contemporary elements in the design helped build a unique image for this elegant sushi restaurant.

Photo - Mąka i oliwa
Mąka i oliwa

Our collaboration with the Mąka i Oliwa brand focused on designing a logo that reflects authenticity and a passion for good cuisine. The logo was designed to express not only the character of the products but also the brand’s philosophy.

Photo - Sann Profi
Sann Profi

Collaborating with Sann Profi is not just about packaging design. It’s a strategic combination of product knowledge and market understanding, where not only the appearance but also the functionality of the packaging plays a key role.

Photo - SBS

The project for SBS Development was not just an ordinary task related to creating a logo and brochure. It was a multi-dimensional process that required a deep understanding of the company’s mission, values, and objectives, specializing in the field of property development.

Photo - Suki

Creating a catalog for Suki is more than just ordinary product development. It’s an opportunity to highlight the brand’s uniqueness and values, presenting the full range of products in an attractive and coherent way. The catalog can be not only a sales tool but also a means of brand building.

Photo - Coop Traiding
Coop Traiding

Collaborating with Coop Trading is not only a symphony of a partnership approach and striving for excellence but also a testament to our professionalism in packaging design. Since 2016, we’ve continuously joining forces to deliver top-quality products, gaining recognition from consumers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Photo - Zoo Borysew
Zoo Borysew

Collaborating with Zoo Borysew is a comprehensive undertaking undertaking, encompassing full graphic care, from designing attractive banners on social media to impressive 144m2 billboards placed alongside highways.

Photo - Marta Sobczak
Marta Sobczak

Collaborating with Marta Sobczak focused on creating a logo and visual identity that aligned with her unique style and image. The resulting visual identity provided a harmonious and consistent representation of Marta Sobczak’s values and individuality, emphasizing her position in the market.

Photo - Złotnicki

By creating a distinct and consistent key visual for the Złotnicki brand, we defined their image and market communication. These designs, the heart of our collaboration, not only reflect the character and values of the Złotnicki brand, but also play a key role in building their recognition and impact on the target audience.

Photo - BellyOn

Collaborating with Belly On exemplifies our ability to introduce unconventional services to the market with a precise focus on a selected target group. It also demonstrates how creativity and strategic thinking can collaborate to create unique solutions that truly resonate with the target audience.

Photo - Bridgestone

Our project with Bridgestone, focusing on packaging, is associated with an innovative approach to product presentation. The packaging is designed to reflect the high quality and innovation of Bridgestone products.