Blog Procrastination - how to waste time skilfully

Procrastination, also known as simply delaying, is a very difficult topic in times of high demands and pressure from society, it affects many of us. You have to be better, achieve more and faster. Each of us postpones unwanted tasks and avoids the responsibility associated with some of them.

Some consider procrastinators to be just lazy, but there is more to the term.

Lazy people show no remorse for not doing their intended tasks. In contrast, the procrastinators are doomed to suffer for this very reason. They blame themselves and display depressive tendencies, they would like to do the job, but they can't and distract themselves to divert attention from the impending deadline.


  • Fear of failure;
  • Fear of success;
  • Avoiding stress;
  • Because it's an easier way out;
  • No motivation;
  • No self-confidence;
  • The desire to be a perfectionist;
  • Looking for a stimulus (adrenaline);
  • Many temptations and distractions, and
  • Escape from responsibility.


Don't punish yourself, set yourself short-term goals – small goals that won't make it difficult for you to achieve. And they will lead you to a bigger task. Procrastinators often need an adrenaline rush that comes with the upcoming deadline. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to perform general tasks that do not have a specific time to perform: self-fulfilment, family or change of job.


A task division called the Eisenhower matrix will help you define tasks and divide them into the following categories. Thanks to it, you will get rid of the less important ones and maybe you will delegate some of them to someone else.


Even Leonardo da Vinci postponed his works. Which he regretted very much on his deathbed when it was too late.

Bill Clinton – for delaying things and being notoriously late he was hailed "punctual differently." Officials, in order to avoid delays, assigned him special deadlines – Clinton was to prepare for speeches six weeks before the date of his speeches.

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