About us Find out the truth about us*

Are we creative?

Everybody writes about creativity.
We wouldn't be too creative just using such words to describe ourselves.
It's better to tell you where our creativity comes from.

We put an effort to make our every day different and inspiring.
It all starts on the way to work. Did you know that breaking everyday routine affects your creativity? So change your route to work from time to time.

Good ideas like inquisitive designers and willingly come to them.
Our space reflects our nature. Some of us prefer creative chaos,
in the meantime others love minimalism. Despite the differences, we share
a common table where we can exchange inspirations and ideas.

We discuss a lot to exchange knowledge and experience.
To know, to observe, to search — this is what we like to do.
We are open to innovations.

Our team has been gaining experience for years and is constantly developing to ensure what is best.

Do we make dreams come true?

We combine responsibility with creativity.

We understand the importance of trust in cooperation. Our customers entrust us with their visions or ideas, the most valuable things that they have. These are often stories that make dreams come true. We help to visualize them with the right packaging, logotype, slogan, or visual.
With us products gain an image, an idea gains shape and dreams
become a reality.

Anyone who has been waiting for something knows how important it is
to meet the deadlines. That is why we strive to use every piece of time
to be as effective as possible.

Are you ready to start your journey?
Visit us and tell us what you need, to get where you want.

What's so special about us?


The new road is more interesting than the known one.

Are we taking shortcuts? Yes, but only when we are hurried on our way to work. When we are looking for innovative solutions we are always taking the most unconventional way to ensure the uniqueness of our designs.


Effect better than expectations.

We will take care of everything, that your products and services may need, to find a way to succeed. The guarantee of our effectiveness is based on our experience. The most effective solutions are the ones that we are interested in.


100% perfection, we also offer 110%.

We have the experience, energy, and knowledge of many kinds of industries. That's exactly what we need, to perform every task in a fully professional manner. What we don't have? We avoid the nervous atmosphere and a tendency
to repeat boring patterns.


Time is money. The clock measures money, not time. Let's not waste time.

We value spontaneity during weekends, but during the week we work according to schedules created individually for each project. We will be in constant contact with you so that our cooperation brings the most effective solutions.


Everything is correct.

It is easy and nice to talk about the weather, but are you sure that you are able to read forecasts well? The same goes for design. The pillars of your design will be in compliance with the technological requirements, specifications, findings, and assumptions of the brief.


We gain an advantage through the details.

The strength of the design comes from the attention to the details. Precision is a very important aspect when designing. But there are a lot more issues that have to be taken into consideration, and we know that really well. Every parameter may have an impact when it goes to the production, and even after this when it reaches the consumer.

DNX Design Sp. z o.o. is in the process of implementing a project to develop a business model that, through proper planning and optimization of the process of providing services, specialized in terms of a foreign client, will allow for its internationalization and acquisition of foreign contractors. Project financed under the Regional Operational Program of the Lodzkie Voivodship for 2014-2020.
The project titled "Development of the company's competitiveness thanks to the expansion of new foreign markets" The main goal of the project is to intensify export activities and increase the level of foreign sales of DNX DESIGN Sp. z o.o.
The project includes:
- participation in exhibition events as an exhibitor and travel missions in Europe,
- implementation of active promotion of the company's offer during participation in the fair thanks to the use of individual promotional materials,
- establishing direct contacts with potential recipients from new target markets,
- signing contracts for products offered by DNX DESIGN Sp. z o.o.
Project value: PLN 723,003.84
Contribution of European Funds: PLN 499,636.80